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AAA & Majors Competive Baseball

Competitive baseball is offered for highly dedicated players ages 8 through 14. This is the highest level of play, and AYL offers some of the most competitive youth baseball in the Denver Metro Area.  Competitive teams often play multiple tournaments in addition to the league schedule.
Teams are formed by coaches, and players must be invited on to a roster by a coach.  Coaches interested in forming a competitive team or players interested in playing at the competitive baseball level through Eagles should contact Eagles VP of Baseball, "; ename=" . Note that payment for the AYL AAA/Majors season is required to AYL in early February.
Number of Games:Competitive league teams play an 10-12  game league schedule
Week Night Games: AAA Majors teams play their scheduled games during week nights to permit tournament play on weekends.
Duration of Season:The season runs from the beginning of March through late June.